How to Find Time for Your Next Assignment

This Webinar Series provides step-by-step techniques that allow you to turn time not well spent in to meaningful work. The webinar format is equal parts information and interactive Q & A.   All programs are recorded and available for replay.

  • Week #1 Webinar Discover the Time: You’ll receive a tool to conduct a deeper dive into time lost during the clinic day. You’ll see how much is available be able to estimate costs using your own data.
  • Week #3 Webinar Understand how Time gets Away. Knowing and understanding all the causal factors are different. You’ll learn how to obtain information that leads to solutions.
  • Week #4 Bonus webinar “How to Delegate and Get What You Need.”  This Webinar is your step-by-step plan with ‘fill-in-the-blank’ documents that guide the delegate toward your outcome and guarantee success.
  • Week #5 Webinar Design Your Ideal. With your team, explore concepts that lead to an ideal design. Develop a model where your patient flow is smooth and efficient.
  • Week #7 Webinar Make the Design Real. Build a step-by-step approach that quickly tests and refines. Make realistic adjustments.

“You’ll get all this Plus”

  • You’ll get three Rapid Process Improvement tools
  • Support and suggestions from your colleagues
  • Coaching every step of the way