Group Coaching



Check out this testimonial from my recent program “Improve Workflow and Save Money: Ten Weeks, Six Webinars and Proven Methods” by Becky Hatch, a clinic Administrator in  Portland, Oregon.

“The course allowed me to look at several different ways to tackle projects in our office. The “homework” allowed me to take a project and put it into motion with follow up at the next session. This allowed me and my staff to not only see different techniques that were out there to use, but to tailor the different techniques to the project or the person heading up the project for ease of use and better outcomes. Guidance on how to communicate with physicians and staff to get them on board and keep them on board. Since we started our projects our paper reduction project is down 5000 pages in the quarter and our coding accuracy project went from 68% accuracy to 82% accuracy in just six weeks! We are so excited with our results and continue to use the tools and meet our goals; while looking for other projects to help our physicians, staff and clinic run more smoothly and economically. This course gives you the tools to get working on those projects and get your staff and physicians involved.”

Another one of my clients ran a multi-specialty practice with 3 clinic locations and 21 providers in a semi-rural area. Conservatively, their cost, every day, for the many different ways that patients’ received lab results was $1,168. We discovered eleven different ways for patients to get their results forcing the staff to routinely take extra time to identify the ordering provider before they could respond to patient requests. Using my techniques, they reduced their daily time and cost to $234. The daily cost savings was $934! 

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