Self Study Programs

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Improve Workflow and Save Money: 6 Webinars, Proven Methods

Are you ready to tackle workflow improvement and don’t know where to start?

Would you prefer a program designed for medical practices or one designed for other institutions?

I’ve got good news! You bring your pencil, focus and 1-2 hours per week and I’ll bring the ‘how-to,’ the step-by-step tools and the script.

I’ve worked with medical practices for over 25 years and want to share my methods that have been proven to work. The re-engineering techniques I learned when I was responsible for clinical success of a new integrated EHR are effective. I am pleased to share my techniques and tools adapted for medical practices. They are now available to you!

Increase your confidence and resilience with this easy to use step-by-step program tailored to your unique practice.

Improve Workflow and Save Money: 6 Webinars and Proven Methods

Upon completing this course, Practice Administrators will have:

  • A workflow streamlining game plan
  • Direct experience in workflow process analysis and streamlining
  • Cost savings from your first workflow improvement project
  • Calculated your specific costs for delivery of key services

We start with a bit of Planning

  • Use the guidelines to identify 1-2 workflows to review and improve during the program

Module 1: Workflow Flaws in Plain Site

You need useful numbers for effective change. I will help you discover where to really dig deep; where you can find real savings

  • Select the best workflow(s) for improvement
  • Select the best information collection form
  • Develop your mindset like a pro
  • Communicate like a pro

Module 2: Tapping Your Resources

Going from 50 to 60 weekly hours IS NOT an option (per your family). By now you see the need for staff and physicians to understand what is to be gained. And I’m pretty sure you understand that you should have a few resources to use at your discretion on your timeline. In his webinar I’ll show you additional areas most administrators overlook if and when they seek resources.

  • Use meaningful cost estimates to specify the need
  • Delegation Exercise – Just for grins and giggles
  • Talking Points for Physician and Staff Discussions

Module 3: Tackling Costs and Causes

When you identify and calculate the impact of current workflow on Physicians and Advanced Practitioners, they begin to get curious about how things could be better. Now, you’ve got interested partners and you are in a good position to guide them forward.

  • Identify ALL the reasons current workflows fail
  • Apply your own information to create cost estimates that make sense to your Physicians and Advanced Practitioners
  • Gather support for what is needed next

 Module 4: Looking Thru and New Lens

It’s not rocket science, but IT IS SCIENCE. Develop effective remedies for the various workflow snags you’ve uncovered. Complete forms that you can tailor to your practice and will identify hidden snags to ensure complete discovery.

  • Our framework is the A3 Method adapted for clinics (Cindy. Jimmerson)

  • Examples demonstrate the approach
  • Develop workflows that get the job done and don’t break the bank

 Module 5: Quick, Easy Mini-Pilots

Use a simple approach to test new processes and mistake proof them before implementation.

  • Tried and true technique for healthcare workflow improvement projects
  • Edit mini-pilot P&P for presentation and approval
  • Consider workflow processes to review this year. Include current projects.
  • Consider this year’s practice priorities

Module 6: The Secret Sauce of Sustainability

Complete your tailor-made strategy for workflow improvement sustainability.

  • Brainstorm the savings
  • Develop a doable workflow improvement project plan
  • A Quick Review
    • Observing and Measurement
    • Effective Communications for Physicians and Staff
    • Problem Analysis
    • Creating Solutions