I have a laser focus on supporting independent medical practices successfully in navigating the choppy seas of our healthcare evolution! I am your resource for current information, useful programs and thoughtful mentoring. I want you to have the techniques and tools to help- you reduce cost, develop your team and become a nimble practice.

I will help you adapt to existing and future changes with agility. Are you ready to develop your staff to solve their own problems? With my consulting and programs you will get the results you want in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost with experience you can trust. 

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Services You Can Trust

Consulting and Coaching

I am available both in person and virtually. Add your confidence and resilience in an environment of respect and humor. Together, we focus on achieving your goals within your organizational culture. To keep you on track, we’ll have two scheduled coaching calls and unlimited email access. Most practices have a time-sensitive need at least once a month I’ve included to ensure you get the support you want.

Your Olson Consulting and Coaching package can include:

  • Goal/Outcome based project work
  • Staff retreats
  • Morale assessment and strategy
  • Process and Policy facilitation and development
  • Physician communication improvement strategy and development
  • Team leadership and development
  • Workflow assessment and improvement
  • Staff and physician skill development plans including documentation
  • Design implement a physicians coaching physicians process
  • implement a physician expectations compact (best done when there’s a significant physician issue you are addressing)
  • Fine tune responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Feedback on corrective action plans
  • Objective listening
  • Respectful feedback

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Consulting Assignments

I have experience managing a multi-specialty department, achieving national accreditation, creating continuing education eligible programs and coaching numerous health care professionals to further success. My experience combined with relationship skills have allowed me to enjoy a wide variety of assignments. Give me a call to discuss possibilities. 

Presentations and Workshops

I’m a seasoned, respected speaker who’s delivered hundreds of meaningful workshops with material that is cinsistently rated as highly relevant and useful. Presentations are tailored for the audience and for the allotted time.

Past presentations include ‘How to Assess Patient Flow in a Medical Practice,’ ‘Use a PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Model to Implement Patient Visit Summaries,’ ‘Root Cause Mapping for Medical Practices,’ ‘Creating Cohesive Teams,’ ‘Efficiency Science and Behavioral Change Concepts,’ ‘Customer Service and Patient Safety,’ and ‘Documentation and Patient Safety.’

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