Olson Consulting: Support for medical practice physicians and administrators to get everything done, get home on time and enjoy medicine again!  

Here’s what Becky Hatch, Clinic Administrator, Takacs and Schmitt in Portland, Oregon had to say about my program:

“The course allowed me to look at several different ways to tackle projects in our office. The “homework” allowed me to take a project and put it into motion with follow up at the next session. This allowed me and my staff to not only see different techniques that were out there to use, but to tailor the different techniques to the project or the person heading up the project for ease of use and better outcomes. Guidance on how to communicate with physicians and staff to get them on board and keep them on board. Since we started our projects our paper reduction project is down 5000 pages in the quarter and our coding accuracy project went from 68% accuracy to 82% accuracy in just six weeks! We are so excited with our results and continue to use the tools and meet our goals; while looking for other projects to help our physicians, staff and clinic run more smoothly and economically. This course gives you the tools to get working on those projects and get your staff and physicians involved.”


Connie McVein, Administrator, Oregon, Neurology Associates thought highly of my coaching experience and techniques when she said; 

“I was skeptical at first as I’m fortunate to work an exceptional group of practitioners and an incredibly efficient staff. But hiring Sara is without a doubt the best business decision I have made this year. I contacted Sara for assistance with one very specific issue but once we began working together, we identified several other areas that I hadn’t even realized were concerns. Sara is an incredible resource. Her experience and knowledge together with her commitment to continually educate herself on current trends and strategies makes her invaluable. Sara listened intently then helped me create a goal and  measurable plan to achieve it. If you have an opportunity to work with Sara, you won’t regret it. She’s amazing! 


Check out what Dr. Steven Seres from Cascade Physicians, Internal Medicine thought about his experience working with me:

“Sara’s insights have helped me understand and develop my resilience as our medical practice deals with current challenges. I’ve come to rely on her mentoring that helps me communicate more effectively with my colleagues and better manage my administrative responsibilities.”


Dieter Zimmer, Vice President Patient Safety, The Doctors Company, retired, had these insights to offer into the successes we achieved in our years working together:

“I worked with Sara from 2003 until my recent retirement with the nations largest liability company. With her guidance, participants from over 150 medical groups successfully implemented wide ranging projects to improve patient care in a variety of ways. Physicians and administrators consistently found Sara’s programs and teaching curriculum highly relevant with countless success stories. Given today’s health care environment, Sara’s work represents the change agent process that will help medical groups navigate their way in what amounts to an uncertain future.”


Clinic Manager, Karen Jones offered these reflections about my coaching:

“I used Sara’s extensive experience working with medical teams for strategies and time-management techniques that I didn’t have the time to research. Her insights and support have been invaluable in helping me analyze workflows for efficiency.”


Here’s what Patti Lind, Communications at Work had to say about my coaching:

“I have worked with Sara Olson for 10 years and she is an amazing resource. She brings significant depth of knowledge on clinical processes as well as decades of best practice ideas from her work with hundreds of medical clinics. Sara has been a creative, passionate partner in finding simple solutions for the complex problems which practices face on a daily basis.”


Dr. Samantha Marshall, MD, Family Practice:

“I also wanted to say thanks for the guidance you’ve given me and the tools for change. It’s been a rewarding experience!”


Paige Lenuson, Chief Operating Officer, Sports Medicine Oregon:

“Thanks for the positive reinforcement. The more things change the more we adapt to be in front of the curve ~ greatly aided by your direction to keep us on task!


Here’s what Dr. Yvonne Fried, MD, Ashland Center for Women’s Health had to say about my program:

“I have a folder called Quality Factor and in that folder are all of the various notes that I have from our meetings as well as all the documents that we have received over the years. As a body of work it is really great to have as reference materials as issues arise in the office or in my other work settings.”